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Please Note: Dues are as follows

Apprentice level 1-4: $30
Apprentice level 5-6: $33
Apprentice 7-8: $41
Journeyman: $41

Early Retired (65 yrs): $21.80

Retired(65 yrs with 30+ yrs service): $11

Honorary(50+ yrs continuous service): $0


Dues are paid monthly and should be paid within the first 21 days of each month. You are more than welcome to pay your dues ahead as well.

We will accept cash (AT WINDOW ONLY), money order, cashier's check, or personal check for dues payment. We also take credit cards (Visa or Master Card) at window, online or over the phone. There is a $3 cc fee.

Automatic Dues Payments

If you would like to start paying dues with our automated system you are welcome to fill out the form below. The payment would come out around the 1st of the month. I can only set it up once I receive this form completely filled out and signed.


Please read before continuing.

In order to process your dues correctly you will need:
Members full name.
This system will not tell you how much you owe so if you do not know the amount you owe you can call the hall and the Office Manager will tell you. 319-338-1638
Be advised that as a safety precaution this system will NOT save your information, therefore you will need to enter your card and union information each time.

This system is for paying dues ONLY and there will be a $3 cc fee. No merchandise.
If you have any questions call the hall and someone will be happy to assist you.

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